Our POLi API is created around the REST architecture to be as secure, intuitive and as flexible as possible. Some key features we provide are:

  • Post JSON over HTTP(s) to POLi REST endpoints and receive JSON data as response
  • bility to order the fields in your request however you like
  • Removal of optional fields from your request
  • Responsive, easy to understand error messages

POLi Payments Basic Workflow

Initiate Transaction

Your customer chooses POLi and you initiate a POLi transaction

POLi Transaction

Your customer then chooses their bank, logs in and confirms their payment


Your customer now returns to your website's success page

POLi Payment User Experience Demo

Below is a demo of the user experience when completing a POLi payment.

You are paying

Company Name

Amount: $10.00

Reference: Order123

POLi ID: 996512345678

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